Thursday, April 17, 2008


I'm sending out this booklet today. It's my swap. The subject of the lists could be my choice as long as I listed 10 things, 9 things, etc. What is was written on and how it looked were all my choice too. The only requirement was that it had to be hand written.

Here's the cover: Back looks the same without the girl.

My favorite lists: 9 dreams~ Live on a farm. Travel to Greece. Learn how to knit. Have a green thumb. Lost weight effortlessly. Have straight hair for a day. Raise chickens for their eggs. Have money to fly to see family. Have a maid.

7 things I'd change about myself~Read the Bible more. Enjoy cooking. Live in the moment more. Laugh with my kids more. Not be so uptight. Do more and think less about doing more. Take better care of myself.

6 things I look forward to this summer~ Camping in a yurt. Going to St. Helen's WA. Walking to the farmers market every Sat. Long weekends to explore OR & WA. Working outside in the yard. Fruit from 'you pick' farms.

Here are other pictures of the inside.

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capello said...

wow, that is very cool!