Sunday, April 20, 2008

Twilight Zone~

Okay, what's up with having snowfall on April 19th? Aren't we supposed to have winter behind us? We were in CA at the beginning of March and had high temperatures in the high 70's two day then it was in the 60's but we had flowers, sun, heat, sun, warmth, sun and more sun. We were at the beach, at the park and took walks in the sunshine. Residents were in Ugg boots still and some had coats on. I laughed in their faces. Phuuleeesssee. There was color everywhere and it never felt so good to go home.
We don't complain about the weather here in Oregon and appreciate the sun when we have it but come on.....snow this late in the year? Enough already. I want this cold to stop and I want it to stop now. I mean it.

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kbeeps said...

The weirdest thing was all the cars that had run off the freeway when there was just a light dusting on Highway 26. Come on, people - have we forgotten how to drive in the snow that quickly???