Sunday, May 18, 2008


Loving the heat we've been having. Truly, I'm a heat & sun lover. Being born and raised in Southern California makes me this way BUT it's still too hot to cook in the house. Being a heat and sun lover doesn't make me nutso, so we're grillin this weekend and keeping the house chillin. Hopin you're all having a great weekend!!

Remember when I thought we'd have house guests? Well we are officially occupied. We put up camoflauged fabric over the door window so she doesn't get spooked every time there's movement in the house. We're treading lightly, talking softly and closing doors gently so we don't spook her very much. She's easily spooked. This is how I was able to take these photos. She flew off and I took a peek in to get confirmation of what we thought had happened. Aren't they just the sweetest? How fun we're going to have when we hear the little cheep, cheep, cheeps.

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