Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Feeling Trapped~

Right now my house is so dirty from a summer of coming and going that I'm feeling a little snared by the clutter and mess of it all. Last two nights I've spent a few hours cleaning. Tuesday - Living room:

  • dusted & cleaned glass

  • sorted & purged

  • vacuumed

  • wiped walls

  • changed accessories

  • wiped base boards

  • cleaned hard wood floors

Wednesday - 1/3 of kitchen:

  • wiped walls

  • cleaned window

  • cleaned light fixture

  • scrubbed floors

  • wiped base boards

  • sorted and purged

  • house plant outside after a good watering and cleaning

Tonight another 1/3 of my kitchen as I don't think I'll be able to get it all finished. Last night I was in there 3 hours and only finished 1/3 of it. Yes, that's a pretty disgusting admission but now it's so lovely that I'm on a roll and I'm not stopping until the whole house is like this.

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kbeeps said...

Well at least you were brave enough to start on your kitchen. I haven't gotten any farther than running the dishwasher every three days or so which, believe it or not, is a vast improvement for us.

I really need the cleaning part of the nesting instinct to kick in so that I feel driven to start working on our messes!