Sunday, August 24, 2008

Silver Falls Rocks!

If you have never been to Silver Falls campground in Oregon, you must go NOW! I insist. I mean it. GO! We had a great time there. We were camping in a cabin. Can it still be called camping if we were in a cabin? The brochure said bring all that you camp with except the tent so that's why I say we were camping.
This place is very conducive to taking walks, riding bikes and just being about. I took the most amazing nap on the deck!! Just took my pillow and sleeping bag and laid out there for all the neighbors to see me snooze and drool but it was soooooo worth it. When I woke up, the kids were even asleep out there with me.
We took a 2 hour hike and saw two waterfalls! Beautiful. We took a bike ride thru the forest path that is paved for biking and took a drive to go pet the horses at the horse rental ranch. Two colts were sooo sweet and they wanted to be loved on so we just had to stay there and not let them down. Mama's were into the loving too. :)
This place is very clean and well maintained. We had electricity in the cabin, a futon couch that made into a double bed, bunks for the kids, a little table with four chairs where we sat and had some coffee & hot chocolate in the mornings, a little microwave, a little fridge, a front porch bench for sitting and waving at all that were walking by & even a snake to complete the whole experience. Yikes! We will go back for sure. Definitely helped this summer to be a special one.

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hrsj said...

I have always wanted to camp in a little cabin just like that! I think that would be sooooo fun and wow, if I ever make it out to Oregon [and I really hope I do] I'll head that way!