Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Man oh man has it been hot here!!! Saturday was *the*hottest* my core temperature has ever been in a long time. I thought I was going to melt. These lovely flowers were taking cover from the intense sunshine BUT the last two days have been rainy and now it most definitely feels like fall. Seems the flowers are even ready for the rain. :)
Last week I was constantly thinking of every way I could spend our time soaking up summer before it went away. The last thing on my mind was fall and all that it brings but now with the rain...I can only think of school clothes shopping, school supplies, school bags and making sure we have enough firewood stacked. I'm baking pies and cookies, purging and even have a Christmas list started. I need to start making presents!!!
We're camping this weekend at Silver Falls. We'll be hiking, swimming, playing games and getting in a bit more of summer before it all goes away. The weather man assures me the sun is coming back and we'll have plenty of more days for boating and laying back. I'm counting on it. Have a great weekend!!


kbeeps said...

I guess the sun can come back, but if it goes back up to 104 I'm going to have to move to Alaska!

Today is just about perfect for me... :-)

Norma said...

If it goes that high I'll be going with you. :)