Monday, September 1, 2008

Domestic Monday~

This holiday weekend has been stressful in our household. I took off Friday to spend time with the family as it was the last summer weekend. Well me and kids spent 11pm-3am at the animal hospital. Leo was down & out so we had to make a trip to downtown Portland. Not exactly the way I thought I'd spend time with the kids but we were together, did a lot of talking and were united in our worry over Leo.

Friday he spent most of the day sleeping after being stressed by the whole car ride and having an asthma attach. Saturday he was back to complaining so we went to our regular vet who prescribed pain meds, antibiotics and and anti-flamitory. We are now bonding over medication doses every 12 hours and daily hygiene cleanings until his backside is well and back to normal. At least 10 days.

Needless to say, he's not thrilled over medicating. First dose was successful inside salmon pocket treats but he would not be tricked again. Next 3 days were me wrapping him up in a sheet and my husband launching pills down his throat. Leo is very good at using his tongue to launch them back out and although we are getting his medicine down him, it has not been pleasant for him. Poor dude. Today I am dissolving his meds in warm water and using a syringe to get it down him. I'm sure that will taste terrible but should be faster and more reliable.

Today I am being completely domestic and staying home as I am tired and worn from the last 3 days. I'm making salsa, making applesauce, washing clothes, putting up some plates that I've been meaning to do, putting back up curtains that I washed during my recent cleaning spree, finish the kitchen cleaning and getting the kids ready for the first day of school tomorrow.
I am thankful that I have a faith in Christ that gives me hope daily, even though our trials are nothing compared to our good friends dad who is recovering from a stroke and another friend who is working on saving her marriage. We all have our own levels of trials but my God is equally concerned over every level of need for each of us.

Determined to:

  • Embrace this day and all that it brings
  • Keep the peace between two new neighbor kids who don't seem to get along when the rest of the kids have been getting along for years
  • Cut sunflowers from the garden
  • Continue being thankful that my faith keeps me grounded and at peace
  • Wash and get the kids clothes ready for the week so our first week of school is just a little bit smoother
  • Embrace the smells and sounds of the day
  • Enjoy the last day the kids have off this summer
  • Bar-b-que with my family tonight and be content in my life as it is played out this day
  • Be okay with whatever gets done or doesn't

    Happy last day of summer vacation~


kbeeps said...

You've been busy! I hope Leo's feeling better soon. Puck is the worst with pills - last time we tried to give him some he ended up chewing one up and then threw up all over the house. At least the dogs are dumb enough that we can put it in peanut butter!

hrsj said...

oh your poor kitty, you're such a good caregiver to him, with the meds. it surely is not easy to give cats meds, they always know!

are these all your children?

thank you for giving me so many things to consider in this post. :)