Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Applesauce making was a success! I have never made it before and it was so much easier than I would have thought. Going back to my friends on Wednesday and going to pick more apples so I can make more applesauce. My friend says I can freeze this up to one year.
Cute little labels made from here. I just love when people share information on where to get free stuff.
I am so in fall mode and will be canning pickles, green tomatoe relish, salsa, and peaches. Also going to go pick peaches and apples for freezing. Need them to bake this winter.


kbeeps said...

Those are awesome labels!

I'm not canning this year - too much effort for my energy level. This means that hubby's going to have to go a whole year without more strawberry rhubarb jam, but he'll get over it - he's getting a daughter instead, LOL!

Norma said...

And she'll be sweeter and yummier than any ol jam!!!! :)

Felicia said...

Congrats :)