Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Going Back~

We went here last summer. Outdoor smells. Outdoor sounds. Anything outdoors works.
Bits of sun breaking thru the tall old trees. Slowing down. Noticing. Keeping it simple is best.

Oregon beauty. Oregon beauty then some more Oregon beauty. Always beautiful!!First camping trip of the year. A sign of things to come this summer. With my sister. It's half way between our homes so travel is not too hard on either one of us. Any time with my family is good. Have a safe and fun holiday weekend. Up here in Oregon, the weathers going to be simply awesome. I look forward to simple. to awesome. to family. to lounging in the hammock. to sitting by the fire. to taking leisurely walks. to good conversation with my sister. to fishing. to bar-b-queing. to having no plans. to keeping it simple. Peace.

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