Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I am not good at home decor. I did not get that gene passed down to me by my mom. It's not nice to not to share. I'm telling her that the next time I talk to her. I'll do it. Really.

If I don't have stuff out or up, my house looks empty and bare. If I try to put out decorations, pictures or what-nots, it looks messy and cluttered. I can't win.

Well I gathered all the various pics and put together this wall above my desk and computer. I really liked the way it turned out! So very much! My family, kids watercolor creations, an oil paining by my mom, thrifted art goodness and a mosaic I made. See the bare spot? I need to buy a special wall hanger for the one picture I couldn't put up with a nail. Soon to be filled.

I enjoy sitting at my desk and glancing up. Faces I love, pretty pics and drawings, a wall that I won't get tired of any time soon. My mom will be so relieved there's a sign of hope.


nikeathena said...

Sing it sista! I have friends who are remarkably talented and I just can't do it. Cluttered or bare - can't win!

Norma said...

it's not fair! but I am glad I'm not alone. :)