Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Made pizza today.
Seed starts for the garden this year.

Finding joy again is important to me. I feel like I need to tap into that. Feels like I've lost some of that pep in my step and lightness. So much seriousness going on around me. Neighbors, family and friends battling cancer. War. Job losses. The need for food banks. Hopelessness of people I know. The call to share God's gift of unconditional love, grace and hope yet not skilled at it and when I do try, God is rejected. All this weighs heavy on my spirit.

But God wants balance for me. For all. His yoke is not a burden. His peace is beyond understanding. He wants joy for me. I've let the joy go. Life is to be celebrated! There has to be balance if I'm to endure the race. So I've joined in the quest for joy even when I'm not feeling it. First is it a choice, then it is practiced and hopefully it will become a part of me. I trust it will become a part of me. God is directing me toward it so I know it will become a part of me.
Joy for me: Seeing goodness from nature, a persons uniqueness, my spiritual gifts, Gods will for me and mine, stillness, quiet moments to hear and think, taking time to engage and impact my community around me and just being thankful for what I have. Simple basics, health, love, peace, purpose. I will start pursueing joy.

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