Thursday, May 7, 2009


My daughter has been using my camera lately. It's fun to see what she sees. I get so much joy from working in the yard. I brought our green bench out for the summer. Also used flagstone to make a border around my drooping back slope and moved all the Hostas so we can build a flat deck area behind the two trees you see. I just want a little more sitting space when we have people over and we're eating out on the patio. Just a bit more breathing room.

I've asked for mulch for Mother's Day. It will fill in the bordered area. My plants will be so happy to get fresh dirt and the nutrients it will give them. Also mulching the front yard and putting in bark dust too. We are actually going to plant a vegetable garden in the front yard. That's where our best sun is. The back yard is huge but is shaded by huge old trees so it's more for playing and lounging in the hammock.

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