Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Out with a Bang~

The only request for our vacation was that they be allowed to swim as much as possible. He swam in the ocean lots! No amount of seaweed kept him out of the water. Water temperature was like bath water compared to Oregon's snow run-off. He was in the water every second he could get in. Ocean, shower, pool, shower, ocean, shower and repeat as much as possible.
He loved watching the surfers. Did he imagine himself being able to surf some day? He never mentioned it and I didn't want to interrupt his admiration with questions.
We climbed rocks together. He wanted me to notice the flowers on the cacti. He wanted me to admire the view from the mountain top. He wanted to talk about our surroundings and the differences between California and Oregon.
He never complained. He was happy to be out and about and just doing. He played hard, slept hard and never wasted a moment of our vacation. As we were getting in the car to come home, he had a door shut on his finger.
Back out of the car for 30 minutes of crisis. Sad tears. Whimpers of pain. Lots of "ouches" but he recovered. He's going to lose his nail, I'm sure of it. But he sure had a great time up to that point. He's mentioned that he's sad we had to leave. I'm glad those good memories are what he's talking about and not his finger.

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