Thursday, July 2, 2009

Liquid Relief~

The last time we went boating on Mulnomah channel, an eagle (in back) was after the fish the front bird had. The front bird was flying hard and fast to keep its fish. Other little birds were after the eagle because he was too close to their nest. They were swooping in and around us, each intent on their own mission.
We were cheering for the front bird and he did win out. The eagle couldn't catch it with the little birds pestering him.

Well the weather is going to be in the 90's tomorrow so we are going to head out to the river for some liquid heat relief. We go with friends who have a boat too. Last month the weather wasn't quite hot enough to brave the cold river water but we are definitely taking the 3 man tube and getting wet.
The houseboats are amazing. From very small one room shanty looking things to big two story houses that have full on trees on their front deck. How do they grow those? They don't look like they're in a planter box or anything. Maybe some day I'll just stop and ask.
Water, sunscreen, water, sunscreen, more water and more sunscreen. A priority!!!!

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