Monday, July 20, 2009

I Luv Baseball~

Father's Day we went to a Padre's game while we were in CA. When we lived in CA we were big Padre fans and went to their games often. We'd always buy tickets to the game that had a Doobie Brother's concert afterward.
Petco Park was not where we'd go see the games though. This is a new venue and it's right in downtown San Diego, right off Mission Bay. It has beautiful views of the bay with all the military ships, cruise line ships, all the sailboats and such. The city is a well oiled machine on game day. They have traffic flowing and people flowing for the least amount of stress to the public.
Even though it's a big stadium, it has a cozy feeling to it and it was really enjoyable. We had a blast. I love everything about a baseball game. The music, the people, the chanting, the wave that the crowd does, the sounds of a game and it's a bonus when they win. Padres won the Oakland A's. The Oakland Raiders are an old rivalry of the San Diego Chargers so it was good to win their baseball team.
This is the view of the girls in the family. Since it was Father's Day, the boys lucked out on some free seats right behind the visitors team dugout. They were down close and personal with the players. It was a great treat for my husband to have his boys all together. I was glad where we were because it was a hot day and we were in the shade.
My husband with the two oldest. Our third son was taking a potty break. The usher was really cool about letting me go down to take their picture. When you're that close to the field, there are rules and they don't like them broken. I think he let me go take their picture so I'd stop babbling on so about it being Father's Day and we were visiting from Oregon and I wanted a picture with all the guys together since we don't all get to be together that much and so on and so on. I guess he figured, you can't make this stuff up and keep going on and on about it.
It was a great day. A really good memory.

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The Good Life in Virginia said...

great captures. like the padres new stadium. of course i remember where they used to play which was out by the freeway? been so very long since i have been there.
have a good week.