Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lake Billy Chinook~

In central Oregon. Hot. Perfect for being on the water Someone has to.
Kids laughing all day long. Playing on towables that are surfboard like, tubes and snowboardish.

I love summer. I love water. I love Oregon. It's been so incredibly good to us. I'm thankful.
72 miles of shoreline, 4000 acres of surface area, views of Mt. Hood, in existence since 1964 when PGE built Round Butte Dam. Named after a well-known Wasco Indian scout from the Warm Springs region who traveled with John Fremont in 1843.
We saw two waterfalls. This one has a rainbow in it. When on the water we're surrounded by cliffsides that look like the Grand Canyon. The cliffsides are full of different patterns so it appears they are alive with movement. Read more about it here.
There are two campgrounds that I saw. We camped at the top at Crooked River Campground. Each campsite has electricity, water, trees for shade, a fire pit and picnic table. There are flush toilets (a must) and showers. The campsite was full but not once did I have to wait for a shower or to use the restroom. Have I mentioned that I love Oregon skies?

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Anonymous said...

look at the kiddos have a great time in the water. and what a beautiful lake. that's my kind of campground...we love those amenities.

have a great week my friend.
many hugs.