Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm Movin~

St. Johns Bridge. There are 10 bridges on the Willamette River.
To beat the heat yesterday we went boating out on the Willamette River. Today was even hotter. Tuesday and Wednesday are to be hotter yet. I like it warm. Really I do. But I don't do hot. I'm a lump on a stump when its hot and while I try to beat the heat, I think of all the fun things I could be doing if it wasn't so hot. It makes me cranky. Ask my family if you don't believe me.

St. Johns Bridge on the way back to the marina.
We boated south, through Portland, toward the Lake Oswego area then anchored with some friends to play in the water. In the water is so much better than being home in the heat of the day. Trust me. Just when I thought my day couldn't get any better, my husband says to me, "We're moving into one of these houses." "Okay" says I. "Which one do you want to move to?" says my darling husband. Well I said I wasn't particular but it was harder to make a decision then I thought it was going to me.
This one is my particular favorite. While most have a private dock for their boats, this one was sporting a small yacht but I don't need big or flashy. Small is fine with me. To the left was a either a private vineyard of grapes or rows of blueberry bushes. My guess is grapes but I like blueberries enough to plant a hillside of bushes. Don't you?
The kids were wowed by this one but it seemed a little Venetian to me and I'm a simple girl after all. It may be a little excessive to my lifestyle of simple. Can't beat the view for waking up to though. Looking down on the water. Someone knows how to live.
I also liked this little simple number. Okay, little might not be an accurate description but it did seem smaller than most. My husband would be fishing, off the edge there, morning and night. I'd have to bring him his meals out to the edge. Believe it. I would.
This row of very unique homes will be our neighbors. Variety is fun and there's always something to talk about.
OMSI is just down the river. I wonder if I get a discount for tootling my boat on up to the dock?
The area seems very nice. I really liked this view point that had this cool awning for shade.
Portland is but a mile or two down the river too. We could boat on in for dinner or a bit of shopping. I may never need to get in my minivan again. I wonder if the local grocery delivers?
This is beautiful Portland at sunset.
Well I'm off to pack up the household while I decide on which house I want to move in to. My job is never done.


Anonymous said...

oh my norma...looks like a wonderful excursion down/up the river. those houses are big WOWs...beautiful places.

as for the heat, i can relate. i so dislike being out when it is hot and i tend to keep inside where it is cool and comfortable.

hope you have a wonderful day.

Beegirl said...

Looks like a wonderful day! I'd love to see Oregon some day...