Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Squirrel Card Tutorial~

I saw security envelopes being used to make Christmas cards...the weekend after Christmas. I finally had some time to browse the Internet but I was too late to make any. One day at work, as I was emptying the recycling bin, I saw all these lovely security envelopes and knew I had to go dumpster diving.
Who knew there were so many varieties? Free craft paper and in abundance!! I went on-line to find a squirrel shape I liked and printed a couple of sizes so I had options. I made a template out of thin cardboard, from my scrap pile, which made it much easier to trace then regular office paper.
I decided which envelope pattern I wanted to use, traced and cut out my squirrel.I pulled out card stock I had purchased from a summer garage sale. I have tons of this stuff. Folded in half it makes a decent sized card.
I then used a glue stick to put the squirrel on the card. You can now choose which way you want to make a heart. I cut out a heart from paper that was a received note on one side but it had good weight and texture so I used the blank side for my heart. You can glitter, stamp, punch or cut out a heart for yours. I used whatever I had on hand. This is great for boys or girls and we'll be making them for the classmates in my kids' classrooms.


Lisa said...

Super cute idea!

Escapist said...

A perfect idea.....


The Good Life in Virginia said...

these are really interesting...like the squirrel design norma!

have a wonderful week

nikeathena said...

Wow! Your eye for crafty things never ceases to amaze me. What a wonderful idea!