Saturday, February 6, 2010

~Out and about today with the husband. Not much sun but it was dry and good to be out~
Asian grocery store- empty when we arrived:: crazy busy when we left.
Japanese bookstore-he got hungry and left me there while he went to grab a bite:: he was happy and I was happy.
Goodwill- discovered new superstore location:: he had to dig deep to stay patient. i thanked him for his efforts. another stellar day!!
Office supply store- still can't find narrow staples for my thrifted and now favorite stapler:: going to the internet. i'm hopeful.

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The Good Life in Virginia said...

hey there girlfriend.
we have been housebound since friday. another snowstorm. finally cleared a path out for car so i can get off to work tomorrow :) temps in the 40s finally.
take care and have a fab week.