Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When I lived in Southern California, public transportation wasn't looked upon very kindly. One preferred to walk than to take a bus. The taboo of public transportation started in junior high. Maybe even 5th grade is when my friends started making comments of those who did ride the bus. I was in walking distance of school so it was never necessary but the message was clear.
As an adult I once had to take the bus to work for a period of time. Not very long I'm sure but it seemed like a long time. One day an adolescent boy threw up on my foot. I went home and told my husband that I didn't care what kind of car I drove, I needed a car. It was these sorts of experiences that gave public transportation a bad name. Then I moved to Oregon.
Here public transportation is a way of life. People choose public transportation. And why not? A lot of care and thought is put into each MAX station. Downtown sports a free rail zone every day of the week. We're known for it in the public transportation world. Some bus stops are still just bus stops but the stops at each light rail stop is unique. Art meets function. Interest meets need.
I took the bus to the MAX station then rode that home. Not my typical commute, as I usually drive, but it was a welcomed change. And it rained today. No change there. Not exactly a new flash in the Pacific Northwest but I loved being out today with the fresh air, my umbrella and uninterrupted time to crochet while getting home. I'll tell you it wasn't nearly long enough. I love living in Oregon. Peace.

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