Saturday, February 13, 2010


Met up with a friend today, at the school of Aveda, for a pedicure. I am ALWAYS running late but today I was half hour early. Because I'm always running late, I've never noticed this totally fun store across the street. The name of the store is: HAPPY.
Color, color and color everywhere!!! Very interesting colorful window displays. It was closed so I couldn't get inside to take a peek at the treasures. But I was glad I had my camera with me.
I had been taking pictures, from every angle, for about 10 minutes when I happened to walk to the end of this eclectic railing and discoverd a homeless person sleeping below the entrance pictured here. His three carts of aluminum cans parked at the end of the walkway. I felt like I had intruded on his privacy and instantly felt bad. It's been raining hard here lately so I was glad he had a place that was at least dry for him.
There were these hanging clear plastic balls with smiling faces in them. Red lights, read streamers and decorations. Each fence railing was completely different and very fun. There was a bright sunset mural on the front concrete walkway. This place literally was painted all different colors. I can't believe I never saw this before. Sheesh.
Say cheese!!
HAPPY signs made of all different materials were hanging everywhere.
I was tagged on Flickr today for a portrait. I had just been tiling for a couple of hours but the rules were to stop as soon as you received the email and to take a picture of myself. This always cracks me up because my family instantly starts looking at me like I've lost it again.
Oh and the toes....they turned out fabulous!!! They made little bows out of the toe dividers!


The Good Life in Virginia said...

you look just beautiful norma...and your choice of color for your pedicure was PERFECT.

so like that whimsical store. it would definitely be a store i would venture into. like the lanterns with the people inside :) and of course the chinese lanterns are a fav of mine.

also liked the fencing...which added the whimsy outside.

take care. will catch up with you in a few weeks when i return from italy.

til later lots of hugs.

nikeathena said...

Did you go see my good friend Yoshimi at Aveda?