Monday, February 15, 2010

Being organized makes me very happy. Went to Ikea and bought some magazine holders to try and hold/cover the clutter but I didn't like the plain white so I covered them with paper patterns designed by lovelydesign. I love her style sooo much! I was so happy when she started offering these paper patterns. I knew I had to find a way to use them.
Thrifted this little bird and the pot. I've always preferred to transplant house plants to the actual pots but I've been doing something wrong lately and I've started to lose them so I've been keeping them in their original plastic and putting them in decorative pots. I love the way this one looks with the papers.
I have a serious love for paper. I love lovelydisigns studio!! Paper heaven~ Stimulates all my paper love senses. I've been thrifting a lot of graph paper, ledger papers and vintage paper folders so I can cut them up and add them to my supplies here. I also like making envelopes out of them.

I've got spring cleaning fever and I can't wait to tackle every corner of my house and get it looking pretty like this one. Tell me I'm normal. peace.

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Eve said...

Your magazine holders look great. And on wow, you have the old fashion pencil sharpener I remember from elementary school. So cute :D