Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thrifted: blue/cream wool afghan, 3 yards of beautiful blue/green/aqua flowered fabric, old brass frame with corner detail/interest, glass fridge dish, 6 Japanese stacking mugs, woman figurine for my printer drawer w/ miniatures, art piece on a 2x4 piece of wood and a roll of graph paper. I'm going to make a dress from the material, hang the art, use the dishes, the blanket will go at the foot of my sons bed for those extra cool nights, display the woman in with the rest of my miniatures and make envelopes & stationary from the graph paper.
:2 magazine holders, ledger paper, pinking shears, Japanese wood tray, blue folders, brass frame, wooden plate with blue tole painting, a doctors baby thermometer set and two old ceramic pots. I'm going to sell the thermometer set, tray, plate and bowls. Going to use the paper to supplement my paper supplies, use the folders, frame and magazine holders. I think I'll spray paint the magazine holders first. And who gets rid of pinking shears? I paid 1.50 for those and they worked perfectly when I tried them on material. Man I love new to me treasures!!

We started a re-sale store on Etsy. We've had some business and that is very encouraging. At some point Jesse's going to do some upholstery on thrifted furniture. I love seeing him upholster. He moves about so effortlessly. I admire his talent to upholster. I love re-sale because it allows me to find wonderful treasures and bits that someone can use. I used to hate passing them by but knowing I can't use every treasure so now I don't have to pass them by. Peace.

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