Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1.99 tulips. Thrifted green Belgium glass.
Following and playing a long with this sweet site. I'm really getting attached to her pictures. Wasn't planning on going to the Crafty Wonderland sale because the thought of so many people kind of freaks me out but she'll be there and I'd love to see all her stuff in mass quantities so I can touch and have a close up look. What to do, what to do?Inside one of the tulips in my yard.Underside of a Columbine in my yard too.


abby try again said...

You should come :)
Believe me, crowds freak me out to the point that I usually avoid doing shows like this.
But every once in awhile-it's worth getting out of your comfort zone!
And there are going to be some really awesome vendors.
Anyway-thanks for playing along-hope your day today is beautiful.

nikeathena said...