Friday, April 30, 2010

Fuchsia Conversation

I was commissioned to make fuchsia fingerless gloves for a friend of a friend. So I asked my daughter if she wanted to go to Joann's with me.
Me: Do you want to go to Joann's with me? I need to pick up some yarn.
The Girl: You have lots of yarn. Can't you just use what you have?
Me: I need fuchsia.
TG: Don't you already have fuchsia or can't you use one of the pinks you already have?
Me: No I don't and fuchsia was specifically asked for so I need to go buy some. Do you want to go or not?
TG: Yeah, I'll go.
After looking through the bazillion different yarns (wool excluded because no animal products allowed for this job) I was pleased with my choice and told my daughter it was time to go.
As we're in the check out line.....
TG: Is that the yarn you're going to buy?
Me: Yes.
TG: That's not fuchsia.
Me: Yes it is. It's totally fuchsia.
TG: No it's not. It's more purple. Fuchsia is more pink.
Me: I think it looks like fuchsia and it's the one I'm buying. - - - - - - - - - So you really don't think it's fuchsia?
TG: No. What's the color on the label?
Me: It's not going to say fuchsia even if it is fuchsia. They name yarns like they name nail polish. Fuchsia can be called lollipop, bright pink, pink lip gloss and so on. They aren't going to say "fuchsia".
We look at the label and it has a name alright. Says "magenta".
TG: See, it's not fuchsia. It's magenta. Magenta is purple and not pink.
Me: Will you go look with me?
TG: Alright, if you want to.
So we pick up every bright pink we see and read every label for names and for contents because remember, no animal products allowed. Finally.....
TG: This one looks good. This is fuchsia.
Me: Are you sure? It just looks like hot pink to me.
TG: Fuchsia is hot pink only it's fuchsia.
Me: What does the label say the name of the color is?

I've emailed the president/CEO/owner of Joann's a picture of the girl and told them they are not allowed to ever let her enter any of their stores. Ever. She is so grounded from Joann's.


nikeathena said...

Too funny! My friend has two girls and they started shaking and screaming whenever they get within five blocks of a Joanns. (My husband shakes, but he doesn't scream.)

kirstyb said...

great post x