Wednesday, June 9, 2010

If we didn't have children right now we'd:
1. Probably be living in a motor home and traveling.
2. Eat out a lot. We love sushi, Mexican and Chinese. Newest food tried is Vietnamese and oh man I so loved all the veggies.
3. Not have a mortgage because of #1
4. Sleep a lot more than we do. They're old enough where they don't keep us up during night yet they're old enough where they don't like to go to bed too early and I can't go to sleep until I know they are asleep.
5. Do a lot of thrift shopping but currently they moan when we mention the fun adventure of going to the thrift shops so we don't do it so much.
6. Experiment more with foods but said kids don't like to try too much new so we stick to kid friendly foods. Try to sneak in healthy too.
7. Not spend time looking for our chucks or socks or sweaters that kids are now old enough to like and borrow because they're wearing the same size.
8. Not have pets. Not because we're not animal lovers but really, the pets entered via kid pleads yet I'm the one that cleans up after them, worries that there's enough food and supplies on hand and I'm the one they follow and meow after. No one else. Just me. It's like having two more kids.
9. Have nicer furniture because said animals try to take out all furniture as if its the enemy and taking up space that they could be frolicking in. And let's face it, kids too are hard on furniture. Not that they mean to spill or put their feet up on or lay their dirty bodies on does happen.
10. Our house would be quiet and peaceful. No "mooooooooom", no "daaaaaaad", no "don't touch me", no "stop it", no "i didn't do it" get the meaning.

But we do have kids so we cook a lot of our own meals and don't go out, we do have a mortgage, there is no traveling, there is no motor home, we do have pets- two cats and one fish, our furniture is safe and sturdy, our house is noisy with our two kids and all the neighborhood kids. Each day we laugh, we are left speechless, we want to cry, we wonder how this crazy life could be ours, want to pull out our hair, clean litter boxes, try to reason with the cats that they don't need to meow at us because there's food in their dishes, water in their bowls and they are fine. Each day we say our prayers for their health, for their futures, for the blessings that come with kids, for guidance, for strength, for comfort, for sanity and what else our brains can managed to remember when one is sleep deprived.

Our life is simple, it is ours to live, ours to own and make the best of, hope in, praise God for and we are content. We are blessed. We are thankful.

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Megan Walker said...

Hi Norma :) I wanted to stop by and say hello and thanks for the nice comment on my blog :) It's been fun to visit yours too. The "fuchsia" story was great :D, I love that dogwood tree too, and I really enjoyed all your flower photos!

Take care! xoxo