Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vintage love

I took a couple of days off since the kids' last day of school is Thursday and quiet time will be non-existent until September and they go back to school. Two days off equals two days of thrift shopping. The above wee pitcher. Old school, sweet and love the little bit of yellow.
12 old freezer jam jars with three different designs, a soft training baseball for my son, jar so I can make my sister a terrarium, old plant pot, a Hull dish and a #2 Fiesta stacking bowl.
3 old green lidded jars, two Ball jars, 5 knives, a set of marshmallow skewers and a milk glass lamp. I didn't know the metal lid had glass on the inside. Cool discovery. Lamp works and I'll put on my nightstand.


Sue said...

Loving your pics and your finds. I love to get stuff like that but I'm trying hard not to since I just end up with an even more cluttered house!

Norma said...

I hear ya Sue. I have to be careful too. :) Thanks.

Michael - Innkeeper said...

love your vintage finds! hope you'll show us what you do with them!!