Monday, July 26, 2010


I can't stand it when I hear people talk about moving and doing it by themselves. They're not asking for help but just stating the way its going to be. I've always had tons of family and friends to help out. I've been fortunate to never doubt that there would be people there to help me whether is was to just listen or to lend a hand and we've done our share of being there too.

So when I heard a co-worker talking about how she and her mom were going to move her and how they were used to moving themselves, I had to offer to help her out. I had a van, a trailer and a healthy husband. What would take us four one load and about 1 hour of loading and unloading, would have taken her all day with multiple trips. We made one trip to move all that she had and it was easy peasy and fast. I'm so glad my husband is always game too.
After we unloaded her stuff into the house of another co-worker, we stood around and chatted a few minutes in the garage. The other co-worker asked if I wanted these old lamps and right away I said I would. She was happy to get rid of them and I was happy to take them. I loved the yellow and green and thought I'd just replace the lamp shade. I'd say very 60's? Well the more I looked at the yellow and green, I preferred it to be either one or the other color but not together. I decided to spray paint them. I'm such a wimp when it comes to change. I want it, I have the ideas for it, I usually go out and buy what I need and then I stall. I chicken out. I wimp out. I start to self doubt my abilities. The above material I've had for at least 18 years. I've always been afraid to ruin it. What if I cut into and I wasted it some how? At first I looked around for a drum lampshade but do you know how much those bad boys are? Way above my pocket book limits. So I looked around, found some wire rings on-line and cut into my precious fabric.
WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG? I've had these lamps for about 2 years in the ugly lampshade and yellow/green decor. Look how lovely the material shows through when they are lit! I love the material. You know you've made a good purchase when you still love it 18 years later. So now I just needed to paint the lamps. I'm making my way toward changing my living room decor to a lighter color scheme so I picked a rusty color for a little pop of color. I need it to be brighter, lighter and cheerier in my living room. No more drab green and old yellowed lamp shades in here. Baby steps. I'll get there as long as I'm moving forward.

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LAURA!!! said...

love the fabric and great lamps!!