Thursday, July 22, 2010

I had a Plan~

Whilst at work I make all sorts of plans for my after work hours. While I'm at work, I imagine how productive I'll be when I get home. I make lists, I imagine how good it will feel once I get all the tasks checked off, I imagine how good I'll feel with a "clean house" or "sorted drawers" or "laundry folded and put away" and while I'm at work I am so happy just thinking about all that will be accomplished when I get home.

Yesterday I had plans to:
*clean the kitchen floors
*finish putting primer on the wall corners in the bathroom
*spray paint a lamp
*clear my bedroom of craft stuff and take it downstairs
*start and finish two birthday presents that are late

Isn't that a great list and can't you imagine the domestic bliss I was going to have at the end of its completion? I know you feel me.
Well the reality of it went something like this:
*dump all my work gear on the kitchen table
*ignore the mess that was in the kitchen
*don't look at the area rugs that need vacuuming for cat hair
*pretend there is no crunch under my feet while I walked through the kitchen
*forget that my list says to paint in the bathroom

I have to say that I did not come home and plop down in front of the television. I did not.
I had a healthy snack.I made a flower arrangement. Isn't it pretty? I love flowers.I told my cat all about my list. He was a captive audience because he's always amazed at all that I get accomplished on any given day. To him, I am a super woman. If he were female and human.....he'd want to be just like me. You can see it in his eyes.Leo? Leo? I'm not finished with what I was saying. Leo? He's probably just exhausted by all that I was going to get accomplished. He knew he couldn't compare to my vast talents. Leo?


nikeathena said...

You just described my day! (Except I did plop on the couch and watch TV/read.) You have a gorgeous cat!

Norma said...

He's a huge cat. He's a pussy cat in a Lions suit.

Maybe we could start a support group at work and be accountable for getting something done after work.