Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The sunshine and heat returned this week and I cannot be more happy. More sun and heat means my tomatoes are ripening, my lemon cucumbers are too and my basil is lasting. My current obsession is tomato, basil, soft mozzarella cheese with Pampered Chef Italian dressing. Throw in a yummy cucumber and my mouth is one happy girl.

On this particular day, it was very warm outside. I was giving Jesse a break and making dinner. French onion soup. I love French onion soup but on this day, it was a little too warm to be making soup but I was on a mission. About this time I was simmering the soup to let all the flavors meld and the kitchen was hot. I had a fan going to try and cool down the kitchen since it gets southwest sun in the evening and can get quite warm. We ate our soup on the back porch where there was shade and a breeze.

Even though it was warm in the kitchen, the warm glow of the evening light on my "Fall" tulips (that's how they were advertised at Trader Joe's) made a beautiful sight. If I had "money", I'd have fresh flowers always and in all the rooms. Even the kids' room and the bathroom. They make every setting happy. Maybe I'll plant more cutting flowers next year.

First, I'll be painting the kitchen a light, light aqua and sewing some orange flowered curtains from material I bought at a garage sale this summer. I'm feeling very domestic so I have to get work done while the feeling is there. It's not always there. Peace.

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