Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thrifting Love

One time I talked myself into buying an expensive set of sheets and pillow cases. I told myself that I wanted to embrace "a" style and express who I was. I went back to the store several times, making sure I reeaally liked them because I was going to be putting out a lot of money and it was money that I really didn't have.

It was a type of purchase I had no business making but I had talked myself into a frenzy and justified it by thinking that this set would be "the set", it would be with me forever and would be worth the "investment". Sadly, six months later the fibers on the bottom sheet had pilled up and I hated sleeping on it. I was sooo disappointed and learned a lesson or ten. I think I have one pillow case left from the original set. It's faded and sad.

Now I only buy sheets that are on sale and the less money I have to put out, the better. I also like white sheets from Ikea. So far they have lasted and wash nicely. My most favorite sheets have come from the thrift shop. Its one of the first sections I go to when I walk in. I first look for materials that catch my eye and then I give them the feel test. I looooooove old sheets and pillow cases. The materials can be so soft, thick and I love the old school patterns of the fabrics. I also look for pillow cases that have been embroidered on. I have six pillows on my bed and its mostly just so I can have as many pillow cases out as possible. They make me so happy to look at.


nikeathena said...

I learned that lesson as well. I love vintage fabrics and embroidered pillow cases. =)

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

So, so true, the feel test is everything when it comes to sheets. Sleeping on little nubs is awful. Sleeping on expensive little nubs is the worst!