Saturday, December 25, 2010

Colors of the Day~

Weather is grey, sweater is grey, t-shirt grey, newly painted walls of grey and if you aren't sure...there are hairs of grey.
Day after Christmas and with a miserable head cold this morning but feeling better now. I wanted to make these slippers the minute I saw them and today is the perfect day to crochet.
Made from a thrifted sweater that I felted then cut up. They are super cozy and comfy.
Kitchen table scene day before Christmas. Music on the laptop keeping me company while I made tamales. We made sweet ones with pineapple & raisins and pork tamales. They both turned out very good. We only make them but every few years so I'm never certain.
One of our oldest boys took the two youngest for 24 hours. His idea and its never happened before so we enjoyed out time. Last minute grocery shopping, Christmas shopping and of course a stop in at Goodwill::::: Gravy boat with aqua flowers, 1 1/2 yards of soft wool fabric with this in mind, metal house that I've already spray painted an off white and plan to do this once its dried, 5 rolls of the lightest blue striped wallpaper that was made in England and a roll of vintage flowered wallpaper. Not sure what I'll do with the wallpaper but it was too good to pass up.

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Heather said...

The slippers look beautiful! Cozy too. Love that patchwork scarf you linked to. I was planning on making a patchwork scarf with bits of felted sweater but I love that idea too. I always see super cheap (25cent) wool suit jackets at the thrift store and this would be a great use for them. Thanks for the link.