Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lazy Days~

Summer is finally in full swing here and I couldn't be more pleased. Days lazy into each other and I love it. Watching the chickens grow and change before our eyes.

The relaxing task of hanging laundry and bringing it down. I never tire of this. When I was young, I never thought domesticity would bring me such pleasure.

Plants reaching their potential and bringing such pleasure with their beauty.

I had drying our herbs on my mind when I read this article. I just scored a couple of cool old jars at a garage sale and now I have a purpose for them. This is thyme. I'll be drying lemon balm, rosemary, pineapple sage and oregano too.

*note* I am so over this butterscotch color in my kitchen. I think the lightest shade of aqua, I can find, will be the new color.

Every day I come home and vacuum cat hair. Its what I do to unwind and its what one does if they have cats and don't like cat hair every where. The other day I noticed all the chicken feathers in our yard and started gathering them. Above are just a few that I picked up. So are chickens the new cat? Seems so as everyone has them nowadays.

The backyard is all shady from all our trees. The perfect place to relax and chat on hot Summer days. We sit back here and watch the chickens roam about and the neighborhood kids gather to play, even if our kids aren't here. These are three sisters from across the street. They are chatting with our son while he lies about on the hammock.
Summer is here with its lovely sunshine and warm air. I couldn't be more pleased to be in the moment and mindful of its presence.

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