Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Post(card) from the Edge~~

Over a month since the girl was diagnosed with HSP and though the rash is soooo much better, but she is now experiencing the stomach pains that are a typical symptom but two weeks of getting no sleep because the pains are waking her up? Puuuulllleeeaaassseeee! So Sunday night I take her to ER at 3 am. If you have ever had a sick child in the middle of the night, you know how mentally draining it can be. "Is she sick enough to take to ER? ... If we just wait a bit will she be okay? ... Maybe if I rub her tummy, she'll be okay ... and so on and so on."

The doctor put her on a antibiotic because her urine showed she may have an in fection some where so one side of me is thinking great. Medicine to help her instead of the 'it's just part of her rash and there's nothing you can do but maybe give her Tylenol to see if that works'... BUT the other side of me is thinking damn. The girl does not take medicine well. She doesn't swallow pills and has a gag reflex that is the speed of light with the liquid medicines.

You should see this medicine. Pink tar. So I get home and try to open our front door with the my electronic work key and it takes me a bit to figure out why the door isn't opening. (Note to self: You're losing it) Then I'm praying this medicine will be to her liking or we're sunk. For 30 minutes I'm working her through this medicine. She's crying...on the floor...head in the toilet...sitting on the edge of the tub...crying some more...breathing deep to try and steady herself...head in the toilet again.

So I wake up my husband. (Please note my husband works nights. He had just got home and just fallen asleep when I had to get him up.) I tell him it's his turn and I can't get her to take her medicine and she NEEDS this medicine. So he goes into the bathroom and I cover my ears and do the humming thing so I can't hear her carry on because after all, she's sick. She's my little baby girl and I hate to see her suffering.

Minutes later and I mean minutes later she struts in smiling and cheery. Says I, "Did you already take it" and she nods her head yes. Says I, "Why didn't you do that for me?" and she just shrugs her shoulders. Says I, "What did dad tell you?" and she says 'he'd spank me if I didn't take this medicine'. So Jesse comes in and I ask HIM what he said and he said 'that she could do it the hard way or the easy way. She could take tiny sips and draw it out or she could do it one big gulp and be done with it but either way she was taking this medicine.' Say I, "that's it?" He says Yep.

I look at her like she has 5 heads . No longer my little baby girl but the evil girl child that had me in the hospital for 3 weeks before she was born and sick from the moment of conception and says I, "I'm going to work. I need some rest."


MamaZuzi said...

Sorry you (and your daughter) are having to go through this. Even though you are glad she took the medicine finally, weren't you secretly a little peeved that she'd do it so quickly for Dad but not for you... Hang in there.

norma said...

I was totally peeved that's why I high tailed it to work. I go to work to rest and stay sane.