Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Does it Count?

I have a collection of pitchers and I have a collection of miniatures. I don't have a particular style that I'm looking for or name brand and they don't have to be cheap or expensive. I just buy what happens to appeal to me and if it's inexpensive-great! If it's too expensive, I just look and don't touch or buy. I have received many of these items as gifts and that's fun too. It's heart warming to know that someone knew what I was interested in and thought of me when they were picking out the pitcher or miniature.

My husband is an upholsterer for a company that upholsters for restaurants. He owned his own custom upholstery shop in CA but he only does that on the side in OR. He started bringing home bouncy balls that he would find behind or underneath the booths. I don't know what it is about them but I'm really drawn to these colorful bouncy balls. Some are solid, some are sparkly, some are psychedelic and some seem translucent while others are opaque. There are big ones but mostly small ones and I keep them in an clear vase in my living room. Not exactly what would be considered home decor but I love seeing them so I keep them out. Last night he found 14!!!

Do you think bouncy balls count as a collection?


kbeeps said...

Definitely that counts as a collection - and what a neat one! Who knew there were so many different bouncy balls in the world?

norma said...

One of the best kept secrets of the world. HA! Remember, you heard it here!!!

MamaZuzi said...

If you like it, it counts (and bounces).