Monday, February 26, 2007

New Favorite Color~~

Since high school my favorite color has been purple. Not any more. I now LOVE turquoise. I grew up with every shade of turquoise and peach always in our living room decor. I never even saw the color. It was just a color my mom decorated with.

I joined a photo swap and one of the photos I need to take is of my favorite color. I had lots of fun gathering turquoise from around the house.

  • I have about 8 bulb vases. Two are turquoise.
  • Thread, paint and binding tape in my favorite color.
  • Rooster, rocket ship and egg are from my miniature collection.
  • I'm doing a tag swap.
  • Turquoise beads I found at as-is. Long cylinder style.
  • New earrings with rust and turquoise.
  • I have some old bottles. One is my new favorite color.
  • Paper weight with a turquoise flower.
  • A glass net ball? Don't know what it's called.
  • An old glass telephone 'thingy'. I'm sure that's it's official name.
  • A pitcher behind the tag with turquoise and other jewel colors.
  • Felt tree with turquoise french knots that I made a couple of months ago.

I have lots of turquoise around the house and didn't put it all in. Maybe I've liked turquoise all along and didn't know it. Now that I look around, no purple any where. Hmmm??


MamaZuzi said...

Funny. Yes I think you've been a closet turquoise fan for awhile. I avoided turquoise for a long time because of its connection to the 80's fashions but when it is subtle,especially the glass bits or used to decorate with a chocolate brown, I love it too! PS - the boy loves the bookmarks! Thanks. By the way, now we have to build the Lego rocket that is on one of them! :-)

norma said...

Too funny. I have the original directions to the rocket if you want them. Let me know. I'm glad he liked them. :)