Thursday, February 8, 2007

Domestic Goddess~~~

I love a clean house but I don't like to clean... but I clean. I love to eat but I don't like to cook... but I cook. I love looking at home decor magazines but I'm not good at decorating... but I attempt to decorate. I love to garden but I'm not very successful at it... but I garden. I love great pictures that people take but my attempts fall far from what I envision... but I still take pictures. I have grand illusions of being a great mom but then reality sets in... but I still try. I love to bake and I'm pretty good at it so I bake.


MamaZuzi said...

Just this post alone makes me love you and feel completely bonded to you. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO there with you. Hang in there, know you are not alone and you can always look at my blog to realize it! Plus... I've only got 2 to raise... you are doing twice that much work. Well.. I've got a grumpy husband and a woken up daughter who is just now eating her dinner at 10:48 pm to put back to bed (in her princess clothes) and I'm going with her... see you tomorrow - I've got your cards :-)

norma said...

It's very encouraging to know you can relate to my life. I smile at yours and it's like deja vu with my four when they were younger. :)