Wednesday, February 14, 2007

No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti~~~

I don't consider myself a romantic. I don't hope for jewelry, chocolates, poems or flowers. (Okay, I always love to get flowers) I'm a simple person who is very content with simple pleasures. (Thus the title of this site) I am totally happy with needle nose pliers, socks or a kitchen appliance over any fluff.

You won't see me wearing lace, ruffles or shiny baubles. I like them on other people and enjoy looking at them but I don't feel the draw for me. Before I knew myself I tried to like the fluffy, girly things. I've even bought them. I have pictures to prove I tried but I think the pictures were taken on the only occasion I ever used those purchases. They continually went untouched.

I do love to hold hands or have some sort of contact with my husband when we're in each others presence. We've been married for 26 years and my heart still does a little leap when I hear him walk through the door and I enjoy just being near him. We don't dash off for weekend get aways and rarely go out but we do check in with each other on a regular basis and I'm content with our relationship.

Recently we were making phone contact while I was at work when out of no where he said, "No puedo vivir sin ti". He's speaks Spanish and I don't so I had to ask him what he had said. He said it means, "I don't want to live without you". Now I just told you I don't consider myself a romantic but when he said that, I went all mushy. I asked him to say it several more times. I liked hearing him say it. He's a keeper.
I still don't consider myself a romantic but maybe I could be persuaded to be. Happy Valentines Day!

(The picture is made by Miz Carla whom I did a swap with. I like her art.)


MamaZuzi said...

Good for you (and him)! After my husband went over our teeny tiny Christmas present budget a year or so ago and bought me my beloved expensive camera, I decided I had a keeper too... he also sometimes does romantic things and I'm a sucker for it myself. Maybe when I'm teaching you to knit, you can talk to me about keys to a long and happy marriage (we are going on 4 years married and 9 years dating as of tomorrow)!

norma said...

It's a blessing to have a good man. Congratulations on your anniversaries!! Woo Hoo... knitting!! Happy Valentines Day~~~

MamaZuzi said...

O.K. I'm sick now but I will be better soon (maybe after President's Day). Are you going to the rally? Maybe we can pick a weekend crafting/knitting/crochet whatever day/afternoon and meet somewhere to do it. I'll be taking a bit of a knitting break after all this frenzy for baby stuff but I do have a dress I've promised Adi and I'd be happy to get together and get you started on yet another crafting adventure! Knit on.

norma said...

Oh definitely. Let me know when you're available and I'll be sure to work something out. I'll be out of town March 15-25th but either before or after is fine with me. Get better and take care.