Thursday, October 4, 2007

10 Things Tuesday on Thursday~

Okay Tuesday was a really, really, really bad evening and that's when I write so '10 Things Tuesday' came and went with me forgetting all about being grateful. Do you think every Tuesday is doomed this way? Sheesh.

The boy had a major melt down and since it doesn't take much for him to go over the edge... well it ended up being a rough bed time just when all seemed to be going well. By the time all was calm again, I was spent and could only thing of crawling in bed and ending the day.

I still must be grateful for all that's going right:

1. Bed time Monday night was ideal. Kids brushed their teeth, didn't bicker, read for 15 minutes in bed and turned off their light without being asked because they were tired.

2. Thankful that Tuesday evening is over.

3. The sound of hard rain outside my bedroom window as I'm snuggled warm in my bed with flannel sheets and my down comforter.

4. The leaves changing color for fall; Gold, yellow, chartreuse, orange, apple red, glowing red and wine. They are sooo awesome.

5. Cozy fires in the fireplace again.

6. Fall decorations up again. Do you get the impression that I like fall?

7. Cleaned out bedroom and downstairs day basement.

8. # 7 counts as two because I'm really, really thankful for a clean bedroom and day basement.

9. Diagnosed outer ear infection for Ben and prescription ear drops so he won't be in pain any more.

10. My mom traveling safely to Oregon.


MamaZuzi said...

10 things huh? Hmmm...
1. Our cute cat who is watching me type this.
2. My children when they aren't fighting.
3. My kids' schools - love 'em both.
4. Hubbie who is a good guy.
5. Fall - a good excuse to get a couple of new sweaters.
6. Not freaking out yet about all the medical bills that may be coming our way.
7. Having jobs.
8. Not having a cold.
9. Having good friends who care.
10. Being alive.
That's what I've got. We'll see if it changes after another couple hours alone with my beloved children. Hope your weekend with the kids was and is going o.k.!

Felicia said...

I love fall too and all the fallish items on your list are wonderful.