Thursday, August 7, 2008


-Love a garden but I wish I didn't have to pull weeds.

-Love our huge yard with all the old trees but why can't the leaves just blow into the neighbors yards?

-Love to sew but I don't like having to use my seem ripper. It happens often but practice makes perfect, right?

-Love to vacuum but is it really clean after I think it is? I think I'd cry if I knew the answer.

-Love my washer & dryer but doing two to three loads a day just to keep up?

What do you love?


kbeeps said...

- Love walking into Caitlyn's freshly painted nursery and getting all giddy with anticipation, even if none of the furniture is set up yet.

- Love the smell of laundry fresh off the line (even the dog beds, that I washed today).

- Love that hubby and I had a fabulous weekend away and the dogs are welcome back at my parents' house any time.

- Love that I just came up with 15 dinners' worth of meals that don't involve my needing to go to the grocery store!

Norma said...

Oh those are sooo great!!

Hi! My name is Heidi! said...

-Love that my grown up daughters come home a lot

-Love all the compliments I get on my yard, but had the maintenance

-Love my Golden Retreiver and Yellow Cat, but HATE all the hair everywhere

-Love driving my convertable down quiet gravel roads, but hate cleaning all the dust off later