Thursday, September 16, 2010


Summer sunrises are over. Mostly gray in the morning now. I need to embrace and accept the color gray. Orange sunsets full or warm air and warm colors are over. I'd be really surprised if I caught a glimpse of one of these beauties again this year.No palm trees in Oregon but I'm so thankful to have had a little piece of it them this summer. But that's okay. All seasons must come to an end. I'll enjoy my Autumn colors as the leaves change color and look like a rain shower when it gets windy and they all start dropping together. I hope this year I can get a video of being caught in a leaf shower. That would be fun.

For a couple of hours this summer, while in CA, we stole away and hit some garage sales. I bought two brown bags of fabric straps. Old vintagey fabric with wonderful small prints. 1.00 each and only today did I really get a chance to pull them out. I am in vintage fabric heaven.
I am thinking of fun projects like Alicia's or maybe this. September is a good month to start thinking of crafts by the fire....full of fun fabrics and heavenly patterns. Peace.

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