Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We had dinner on the patio tonight. It rained. It wasn't cold and I liked eating to the sound of rain. Perfect weather for candles. We ate steaks from home grown beef that's a beautiful sight to behold in two freezers, basil and tomatoes from the garden with Italian dressing and soft mozzarella, quinoa using a recipe from Martha Stewart/Whole Living, butter squash and root beer floats. My taste buds are happy campers. Man my husband can grill up good grub!
It felt like Fall. It smelled like Fall. It sounded like Fall. Even the temperature said it was Fall.
On a side note:

Me: Ben I need you to go take a shower.
Ben: Why?
Me: Because you played all day at school, you played all evening when you got home and you're all sweaty so taking a shower is what you have to do.
Ben: Can I take one in the morning?
Me: No. I want you to take one now.
Ben: Do I have to wash or can I just get wet?
Me: have to wash (said in my sing song voice)

I smelled his hair when he got out of the shower just to make sure. Boys.

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