Sunday, April 22, 2007

W. In Progres~~

in progress: going on; under way; being done; happening

Feeling like too much in progress. I've just compelted a bird tag swap, a vintage button swap, a 'week in my life' swap, a needlebook swap, a photograph swap, four baby blankets, four appliqued onsies and two stenciled onsies. I still need to finish a bumper pad for a crib and a baby quilt for the girl.

As I mentally move toward slowing down life's pace, I've decided to join one swap at a time so I can fully enjoy the process then take on a new challenge. I'm always game for trying something new and I've done some new crafts that I normally wouldn't have tried without being in a swap so there has been some fun out of it but I didn't like the deadlines coming in sequence and week after week so that I had to mark them on my calendar in fear of forgetting. That part is not enjoyable to me.

With my craft room being turned into a master bedroom walk-in closet I thought I'd just be fine and work out of my room and a corner of my downstairs day basement but I was wrong. My current bedroom has been taken over to the point of madness. I barely have a path on my side of the bed. If I had to get up for an emergency, I'd be doomed before I even started so it's time to make some changes. Let's see if I'm "progressing."

- All craft stuff downstairs now? NO ( I do have some of it moved downstairs though)
- Baby quilt and bumper pad finshed? NO (I told my son I'd have it to him 3 weeks ago...sigh)
-All my craft stuff in order downstairs and organized? NO (I do have cute little piles everywhere. Let me hear you all say ahhh what cute little piles)
-Have I refraimed from joining any new swaps? NO (joined two. Due in July and September so lots of time...right? Come on it's not like they're due next week so they don't count, right?)
-Changed my time wasting ways so I can get to my mess? NO (But I did find a few more blogs that I thought were funny and added them to my favorites so I don't miss them daily)

Hmmm... while I'm on-line maybe I should wander over to and check out the definitions of regress, revert and backslide.


MamaZuzi said...

You are getting so very thoughtful these days. I'll write more when my coffee has kicked in. We still need to come up with a day/time to hang with Karen and do some crafting... learn to knit? Maybe we should pick an easy pattern (my Mom has a good one for potholders/washclothes)... if I don't put it on my calendar, it won't happen. It might be interesting to get the boys together sometimes too.

norma said...

I'm always open for fun. Ben needs a play date. It's always about Maya and he NEEDS us to be doing something for him. I think the boys would get along.
Of course I'd love to learn how to knit. Let me know what works for you and Karen and I'll be there. :)